Working hours :

All days from 08:00 AM to 00:00 AM



ONLY WHATSAPP  0043  664 36 46 776

NEW NUMBER SMS  0043 664 75 320 390


CANNES 06400  & MONACO 98000 


0033 682 61 74 93 




For available dates and places  please ask.

Hours the massage service   08:00 AM  to 00:00 AM

Please add for massage from 22:00 + 50€


Another individual hours other than those to be determined, additionally payable.

Reservation please make minimum 2 hours before the visit.

Payment for massage before the start massage.


To contract an erotic massage to a hotel or our apartment, you just have to know :

1. The best option is writing  message, if I making massage is impossible to pick up phone.

2. Choose your erotic massage and write me which option is the best for you

3. Give us the information  about  your Hotel  where you stay .


During the massage it is not possible to answer the phone.
Please send a text message, e-mail or whatsapp.

Calls with hidden call number will not be accepted.

I will answer as soon as possible.


Please remember to be punctual, please do not come too early or later than the agreed time.

Please always report late.

If I do not receive any information for you about delayed.

I am waiting 15 minutes from the time when the massage is to begin.

If I don't have another booking, we can do a massage,
the delay time is included in the price of the massage.

If I have a next booking and the delay time is too high, the massage is canceled.

Please respect my time and the time of other customer.


Always before and after a given massage,  need time for cleaning is needed in order to relax in pleasant conditions.


Thank you and  see you soon !





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