Massage is a balance between technical and personal skills, at the heart of which lies the therapeutic relationship.
Every time a therapist and a client come together in the context of therapy, this relationship is created.
This relationship has a special purpose and goal: to service the needs and best interests of our clients.
Susan Salvo


Prices for massage 08:00 - 21:00

Appointments out of regular opening times are charged with an additional fee.

Last hour of reservation incall  without extra night rate start at  20:00 .

Please note, my availability can limited. I need at least  min 2 - 4 hours notice for make reservation better 1-2 days.

Reservation for morning time , please make day before. My minimum length of massage is 1h15min.

I recommend  2+ hours massage as it allows us to get to know each other without feeling too limited by time, therefore guaranteeing you receive the GFE experience massage if you choose this option. I accept reservation for the same day up to 21:00.  Inquiries after 21:00 for the same day will be responded to the following day.

​When you contact me, please write your name, age,  date of our massage, the time, length and what kind massage you prefer. 

CONTACT - reservation ONLY Sms- WhatsApp. I will reply only to complete messages.
Calls with hidden call number will not be accepted.
Messages like: " available, hello, hi, free today, massage now, free now, free today, send address, location, how are you, send picture etc."
I not respond this kind messages , uncultivated, incomplete inquiries. 




1h - 300€ / 1h15 - 350€

In massage our two masseurs will coordinate their movements to reach maximum pleasure and relaxation. 
We use hot oil and you relax with special music, small conversation included.

Massage with hands, feathers, hands...

Duration lingam massage 15-25 minutes, tantra massage with elements body to body massage, massage  head, back, legs, feet, arms 

It's possible to touch your massage therapist.
This massage it's with some elements body to body massage, one lingam massage, masseuses working topless.

 Great time with accompany water, tea, coffee or juice.



1h15 -450€ / 1h45 -550€ /2h15 -650€
Massage  + optionally included in time massage shower together (15 minutes )
This erotic massage is mix full body to body massage and tantra is a whole body massage, in which also the intimate area is tenderly and gently involved. 
The masseuse employs your entire body during the massage using body and hands slow sliding touches and tight body contact .
Our sensual massage is the best way to calm an agitated mind. 
Massage with hands, feathers,pearls and with a totally naked body, soft kisses in your body. 
Mutuo Touch, optionally shower together before start massage (15 minutes)
One lingam massage 1h15 massage head, back, legs, feet, arms, tantra massage 20minutes, body to body back and front, massage lingam 20 minutes, anal touch included.
 Two lingam massage 1h45 / 2h15 massage head, back, arms, hands, back, legs, feet, tantra massage 30-40 minutes, body to body massage back and front, massage lingam first in the shower (optionally) another in the end, each lingam massage 25-35 minutes, anal touch included.

Helps one experience a longer-lasting relaxation and learn to receive pleasure without having to give anything back, included in time small conversation with accompany glass of water, juice, tea, coffee 


1h30 - 800€ / 2h- 1000€ /2h30-1200€ / 3h -1500€


Optionally included in time massage shower together (20-40 minutes )
This type of massage is  Massage Mutual, Body to Body, Tantra and erotic French Shower  VIP LUXURY ELEMENTS
For all those men who wanted to experience a very special massage with two beautiful masseuses... 

Bottle of champagne for good start this special journey, included in time conversation with accompany good vibes.

This version it's possible double relaxation and surprise endings that will amaze you.
In version from three hours massage possible triple relaxation with  surprise endings
Using breasts, lips, feathers, pearls, body kisses, tongue, french kissing, sexy lingerie, erotic  massage positions, cuddling, hugging, carees, massage 69...
Lips of Love it's favorite technic to have strong, intense orgasm during the massage session.
If you have some fantasy you ask about this you therapist. 
You have option make massage for your therapists in your favorite technique.
Helps one experience a longer-lasting relaxation and learn to receive pleasure without having to give anything back, included in time small conversation with accompany glass of water, tea, coffee or CHAMPAGNE :)


FANTASY MASSAGE :  you give a massage for masseuse, 20 min  - 40€

ANAL TOUCH : very gentle massage, this is not a masturbation or prostate massage, but intimate relaxing touch, 15-20 min - 40

PROSTATE MASSAGE : designed for those who want to experience complete sexuality and different sensations, 20 min- 80

FOOT  JOB :  dedicated to foot lovers, where you awaken and stimulate each of your senses, 20 min -100

GFE FANTASY MASSAGE : you make yoni massage for you therapist,  french  kissing, cuddling, hugging, caress, licking time for our body- 100€/for each masseuse

MORE MASSAGE: extended massage time20 min  - 40€





Prices (included taxi up to 5 km) for outcall massage before 21:00  are

1h30 hours - 450€ /2h - 550€ / 2h30 hours - 650€ /3h - 750€ 

( option for second masseuse female + 250€ )


Tantric massage for couples. This massage allows you to learn the new techniques for you to understand the body's couple.

You could break off the routine and stimulate sexual creativity  in the couple, masseuse will start her massage using her hands and body.

You choose from who masseuse start this erotic journey.

Sensual movement of three bodies interconnected. Optionally included shower together before massage. 

Enjoy Lingam / Yoni massage / more in version longer than two hours session.

You can even bring your loved one and learn how to bring him or her to incredible states of ecstasy.

This is a great chance to enhance your couple relationship, erotic life, creating more intimacy and pleasure for both of you.


Please add + 100 euro (distance up 10 km - outcall  service)

Appointments out of regular opening times are charged with an additional fee.

+50 for massages from 21:00 / from 22:00 + 100 / Midnight + 200


Please note avoid any misunderstanding or disappointment, this service don't have included option make love.



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