3h - 850€ /4h - 1000


This deluxe package is designed to offer you a special relaxing time spent together.

Make your dream come true :)

Deluxe massage with culinary delights in the same time, you choose this option is a super way to relax and unwind you choose a long stressful day or make your holiday more relaxing.

You have option  HOTEL / INCALL.

All according  your wishes, we can indulge the culinary delights that you have chosen for visit me, champagne, chocolates or any other delicacy that is right for you.

Or outcall version  will go to a restaurant of you choice and have a dinner for two.

We will have time to enjoy the meal, relax, enjoy getting to know each other.

We can enjoy a nice and interesting conversation without haste and time pressure.

When the dinner draws to a close we will leave the restaurant together and you will accompany me back to the privacy of my apartment or you hotel room.

Deluxe Massage  starts from a special long shower together and continues with a very special body to body massage.

This version it's possible triple relaxation or two surprise endings that will amaze you .

Using breasts, lips, feathers, pearls, body kiss, tonque. If you have some fantasy you massage me you favorite technic.

My massage deluxe dinner dream, this package is a much more personal service :)



Please add + 50/100 euros more (distance up to 5/10 km)

+ 50 euros for massages from 21:00 / from  22:30 + 100 euros / Midnight + 200


Please note avoid any misunderstanding or disappointment I not offer escort service.

For make reservation please, send me a text/sms /WhatsApp with concrete information about day meeting.

Nieniejszy mail jest pułapką na osoby rozsyłające niechciane wiadomości. Prosimy o nie wysyłanie na niego żadnych wiadomości gdyż Państwa adres może zostać pernamentnie zablokowany. alexander@secretcats.pl. Jeśli jesteś właścicielem niniejszej strony możesz usunąć tę notkę jednak pamiętaj, że ta pułapka ogranicza niechciane maile wpadające na Twoje skrzynki pocztowe.
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