Prices (included taxi up 5km) for outcall massage to Home before 21 :00 are



1h - 250€  ( lingam massage duration 15 minutes, massage back, legs, feet, body to body back massage) - Massage available only between 08:00 - 11:00 am

1h30 - 350€ (two lingam massage option, duration 25 minutes, massage head, arms, hands, back, legs, body to body back massage )

This massage, it includes all types of oriental massage techniques,
body to body, Thai with legs, breast , feet, and tantra postures. Masseuse works naked.
The masseuse will walk your body gently with your own body (body to body)
and you will feel a beautiful, fresh and sensitive sensation.

Lingam massage at finale the massage. 



 2h - 450€

(shower massage duration 20 minutes, double lingam massage duration 20 minutes, massage head, back, arms, hands, legs, feet, body to body back massage and front you body)

3h- 600€ /4 hours - 750€ 

(shower massage duration 30 minutes, double/triple  lingam massage duration 30-35 minutes, massage head, neck, arms, hands, back, legs, feet, body to body back massage and  front you body)

The most erotic massage on the menu.
With this massage you will experiment with your capability to feel and receive.
This session has a clear, sensual sense, erotic and at the same time therapeutic.
This massage, it includes all types of oriental massage techniques body to body, Thai with legs , breast, feet, and tantra postures.
Tantric postures: together with body to body massage, these postures will make the masseuse´s body and caresses feel highly intimate and sensual.
Masseuse works naked massage is interactive MUTUAL TOUCH.

Touch you masseuse, erotic sensual shower is included beforehand, duration 30 - 40 minutes. Double lingam massage.
FANTASY MASSAGE  & Anal Touch included in version longer than 3 hours .
Version massage from 3 hours  it's possible have three  Lingam Massage or double Shower. 



FANTASY MASSAGE :  you give a massage for masseuse, 20 min  - 40€

ANAL TOUCH : very gentle massage, this is not a masturbation or prostate massage, but intimate relaxing touch, 15/20 min - 40

PROSTATE MASSAGE : designed for those who want to experience complete sexuality and different sensations, 15/20 min - 80

FOOT  JOB :  dedicated to foot lovers, where you awaken and stimulate each of your senses, 15/20 min - 100


Durant the massage I turn on natural wax candle and I use for massage different  kind aromatic natural oil.

Natural beeswax candles have a wide range of therapeutic effects. First of all, they alleviate the symptoms of upper respiratory tract catarrh. They are an effective treatment for lung diseases, allergies and asthma. They normalize blood pressure and increase the efficiency of the whole organism. Wax candles also increase the ability to remember. Wax candles have a positive effect on cleansing the spiritual sphere, causing the flow of good energy, as well as calming emotions and calming the nerves.


ALL MASSAGE INCLUDED : Lingam massage.

The tantric massage therapist´s expert hands stimulate the genitals using techniques designed to take you on a journey of profound ecstasy until you climax.

It also helps considerably to improve premature ejaculation and impotence.

I not offer escort service.

Please add + 50€ ( distance up to 10 km )

SPECIAL OFFER from 23.09 UNTIL 31.10 Massages from 21:00 +0€ / from 22:00 -100€ / from 00:00 + 150€  

Massages  from 21:00  +50€ / from 22:30  +100€ / Midnight + 200€

More: https://deluxetantramassage.com/reservation/


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