Enjoy the best experience of my erotic massage...




Enjoy the best experience erotic massage, independent masseuses. 

I offer massages  in my apartment or 4* & 5* hotel depending on location, your hotel, and home with 100% of discretion for you.

My apartment is always in high quality, clean, located in the center city,  where you can immerse yourself in an oasis of absolute relaxation in the apartment  with  comfort and discretion.

I massage you with full awareness, sensually, gently and meditatively slowly, fluently and powerfully, energetically dynamically, professionally and intuitively, playfully, close to the body ...

Passion and dedication are essential ...
challenging with recognizing your limits, intuitively sensing your sexual sensations is my strength ...




I've been doing tantric, erotic, sensual massage since 2013 , it's a great way to show how a massage can affect the senses, body, mind, relax it and make you feel wonderful and special.

I  finished many courses, Balinese massage, Herbal stamps, Lomi Lomi, Ayurvedic Massage.

It helps me find the right style and create a unique erotic, mutual tantric massage with body to body elements.

I studied law. I am also close to the topic of natural medicine. I practice pilates, yoga  taking care of my health and well-being :)

I am a smiling, intelligent woman with many passions with an expressive accent and temperament, who likes to help others and has a lot of energy and ideas. 

CARLA MASSEUSE - Age: 37 / Height: 163 / Weight: 48kg / Complexion: 34 / Natural breast 75B / Nationality: Polish / 

Slim, fit body, no smoker, no silicone, no plastic surgery. I take care of my face and beauty :)  



Also love chocolates of all kinds :)

 Tea or another organic brand




Before send me gift card please ask me about some my personal information like Name & Surname

Fresh flowers always bring good energy and atmosphere :)

Please don't bring alcohol or clothes. Thank you :) 








She's been doing tantric, erotic, sensual massage since 2010 ,  she completed massage courses. It helps her find the right style and create a unique erotic, mutual tantric massage with erotic elements .

She studied beauty. She has worked in many places in the beauty industry. Favorite conversations about travel, culinary and about life :)

She is a smiling, intelligent woman with a beautiful face, hypnotized eyes, and female shapes.

She has many passions.  Very sensual and kind life style with a lot of humor. Great company.

GlORIA  MASSEUSE - Age: 37/ Height: 165 / Weight: 65kg / Complexion: 38 / Natural breast 75C / Nationality: Spanish

No smoker, no silicone. Beauty face and female shapes !


If you would like to surprise Gloria she loves products below :


Fresh flowers always bring good energy and atmosphere :) 
























My massage Parloir



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